About Holy Woman Foundation

The Holy Woman Foundation was founded in 2010 by four American-Israeli women, Sara Yoheved Rigler, Michaela Lawson, Naama Navon, and Mychal Brown, residents of Jerusalem, whose hearts were moved by the plight of the young girls at the school Ohr Batya. All four are volunteers. We have no paid fundraisers.

The purpose of the The Holy Woman Foundation is, first of all, to feed the children. Our goal is to give them a hot lunch at least three times a week. A meal containing schnitzel or roast beef and a piece of fresh fruit may not seem exciting to you, but these girls can go for months without seeing such "delicacies." Almost 14% of Israeli Jewish children suffer from malnutrition. A malnourished child will grow up to become an under-functioning, sickly adult who will lack the capacity to succeed in life, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Therefore, the majority of our budget goes for food.

In addition, the The Holy Woman Foundation helps to provide an after-school enrichment program that includes tutoring, art, music, computers, and occasional excursions. Some of the girls, due to highly dysfunctional parents, have emotional or psychological issues that need to be addressed. For these girls, we provide big sisters or art therapy, music therapy, or psychotherapy.

The program is run by the principal, Esther Ben Chaim, and her dedicated staff of warm, caring teachers. Esther gives personal attention to every girl, noticing if a girl needs glasses, new shoes, or a winter coat. The The Holy Woman Foundation seeks to pay for such necessities.

Our program succeeds in turning these children into young women who feel loved, cared for, and capable of succeeding in life. Every one of our girls goes on to a regular Bait Yaakov high school. This is a winning program!

We invite all of our donors to visit the school and see for yourself. The school Ohr Batya is located at 21 Rehov Ezra, in the Bucharian neighborhood adjacent to Mea Shearim. Appointments can be made in advance, by contacting us.

Sara Rigler - Photo by Esteban

"We cannot solve the complex problem of poverty in Israel. But we, the supporters of the Holy Woman Foundation, can truly make a positive difference in the lives of the girls in this one school. We can save them from a dismal future, and put them on the road to becoming balanced, healthy, successful adults. Your donation will contribute to changing lives. That’s huge."

Sara Yoheved RiglerAuthor of Holy Woman, Lights from Jerusalem, and Battle Plans, and international lecturer

  • 24% of Israeli households must choose between food and things like rent, electricity and medicine.
  • 64% of poor families in Israel receive no social security benefits like those given in the USA to low-income families.
  • Almost one in five people in Israel lives in poverty.